Electrical Diagnostics

We offer the only true alternative to the dealership when it come to fault finding, diagnosis coding and programming.

We can offer a range of services from an initial diagnostic health check through to intermittent symptom fault diagnosis.

We pride ourselves on being able to find faults others cannot. We are happy to take on problem jobs which may seem unsolvable.

Typically vehicle owners who find us have been everywhere else to try to get the problem sorted. They usually feel that they have wasted time and money and getting no closer to solving the problem. Many traditional garages cannot keep pace with technology, equipment and training.

At BNW Auto Specialists our equipment allows us to obtain the correct data from your vehicle so we can determine what course of action should be taken to rectify the problem. Most vehicles display a yellow diagnostic light which means that vehicle must be put on a diagnostic machine to find the fault. Other lights may also be illuminated which can be diagnosed by us.

Call Stewart today to book your vehicle into BNW Auto Specialists, before the warning develops into a more serious problem which leaves you stranded on the side of the road.